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Guides For Paper Submission

  • LOYALTY REWARD : These benefits help authors to publish Third research paper Free and guidelines of loyalty reward as follows.
    1. You should have two paid research papers earlier published
    2. The paid research paper means you have paid complete publication fee for that paper.
    3. Your third research paper should be submitted within 4 months starting from submission of the last two paid research papers published in our journals.
    4. You should claim this benefit after receiving acceptance email for third paper and inform us mentioning earlier published two article id. It will be lapsed if you fail to claim during publication of third paper.
    5. Your third research paper will go through same publication process and it should be accepted in review process to become eligible for this benefit.
    6. We reserve the right to change this offer at any time and you should keep visiting this page for updates. The decision of editors will be final and binding in this regard.
  • PLAGIARISM POLICY : The plagiarism policy ensures authors give due credit to other authors while referencing and it protects academic integrity of research community.
    1. All submitted papers are checked with plagiarism detection software to verify originality and find similarity percentage. The papers failing to satisfy criteria are sent back to author for modification.
    2. Technical complexities are involved in plagiarism detection by any software. In some cases even if plagiarism isn't detected in initial stage it may be found in later stage of research publication and wise decision taken on it.
  • ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT : Academic misconduct in research publication means fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or other practices that deviate from commonly accepted practices within the scientific community for publication of academic research. The followings cases are few examples of academic misconduct:
    1. Redundant or duplicate publication.
    2. Multiple submissions.
    3. Image manipulation.
    4. Data fabrication.
    5. Misrepresentation of personal details.
    6. Plagiarism.
    7. Failure to abide by journal's policy.
    8. Submitting unethical or erroneous research paper.

NOTE : In case academic misconduct is found in research paper before publication the author will be given a chance to make necessary correction as suggested by editor. However, if the editor decides it as a serious matter then the paper will not be considered further for publication.
In case academic misconduct is reported after publication of research paper it will be removed from publication and also mentioned in website about the removal of paper from publication.

Notice Board
  • Last Date for Paper Submission : 25th September, 2021
  • September Issue, 2021 Available Online

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